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Uniquely You Program

This is more than your average coaching program! This is a partnership that includes all the tools, strategies and support you need to make the changes you desire. 

Having professional coaching and mentoring can take you to the next level quickly. Learn where you sabotage yourself, what your real strengths and unique qualities are and how to utilize them best for success. Michelle DeBerge has created the Uniquely You Program and it is the perfect recipe to create what you desire in your life. Let's get you ready for 2018! Together we can set your goals, align with your dreams and get you to where you want to be with personalized guidance and support. Limited to 10 people only! On sale now! Don't put off your dreams and goals for any longer! Take a look at the program.

Are you ready to make 2018 Your Year? Let's do this together. 


88770402-lca-logo-1220x550gMichelle DeBerge has been coaching for over 15 years and is America's Leading Authority in Life Re-Design. She is best known for her laser problem/solution results process of coaching. She uses a unique blend of coaching, psychology, motivation and spirituality to inspire and support her clients and audiences into their own personal change and empowerment.

She is a sought after motivational speaker that has experience speaking to many types of audiences. Michelle uses humor, stories of her own struggles and inspiration to connect with her audiences. Her authenticity in identifying with the struggles that so many face has been the key to her success.

Michelle inspires personal growth and motivates people to re-design and re-new their lives. She offers one to one private coaching, VIP Intensives, 90-Day group programs that are goal oriented and using the law of attraction as well as private individual programs. All of her programs are results driven so that the clients quickly learn what is stopping them, where their strengths lay and moves them quickly toward their desired goal with intensive support, communication and process that she has developed.

Gluten Sugar Dairy Free LifeStyle

gsdf-main-logo-400x200Michelle DeBerge has attended cooking school in many different states in the United States as well as in Spain, France and Mexico. She is constantly creating new recipes and ways of creating delicious food  that can be copied to success by the home cook.

GSDF LifeStyle is about living a healthy life that is full of flavor, health and vitality. It is not about diet, depriving yourself of things or a rigid lifestyle. Instead it is a way of life that embraces fresh organic food, natural spices and farm to table produce.

GSDF Founder, Michelle DeBerge takes her standard recipes from her previous cookbooks and converts them into easy delicious gluten, sugar, dairy free recipes. She teaches many typed of educational and cooking classes. She brings experts to her webinar style live calls to help support her audience in their education of nutrition, diet, health and more. One of her regular guests is Dr. John Bergman who teaches what to eat for what ails you and much more.

Through her life journey she became gluten, sugar, dairy free for health reasons.  Along the way she started using more seasonings, found out about the value of of plants and spices and lost over 300 pounds naturally and is continuing to get healthy.

Global Platform

Michelle believes in paying it forward, acts of change, leadership, motivation, and the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Creating Communities

Michelle creates communities for healing, support and personal growth.
She offers masterminds, groups , classes,and individual guidance.

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What others say about Michelle!

Working with Michelle has been a pleasurable experience, as well as life changing in positive ways. Her extensive knowledge, coupled with her positive and professional attitude, has made continued progress seem effortless — and fun. She's helped me to clarify my thinking and has guided me successfully through a number of difficult transitions. I consider it well worth the time and money — an excellent investment!

Tatiana Shesterneva

“GSDF and Michelle DeBerge has made my life so easy to cook and eat healthy. I have Celiac among other auto-immune diseases therefore must eat GSDF.It is painful to be on my feet or use my arms too long at a time. Michelle DeBerge has taught me how to prep foods ahead of time, thow a meal together in 30 minutes or less. I have learned to make meals with a few changes and my husband loves what I cook!”
– Lila Wiley

Lila Wiley

As a business entrepreneur together with my husband in a rapidly expanding company, two young children and properties to manage, I was a bundle of anxiety with poor time management and slowly watching my normally together self-fall into a heap. Then I was introduced to Michelle DeBerge. Within a short space of time, I had committed to many changes that resulted in immediate changes in my stress levels.

Michelle is a master at providing easy tools to conquer your biggest and also your smallest challenges. She passionately delivers her best advice with an open and honest heart. Today I approach my life with more time for me, a better, more rational giving of myself to our business, my family and more. I will always connect with Michelle to keep me in check if I find myself running off the rails

Kimberly Cunningham

Before Michelle, I thought I had things figured out. I knew what vision boards were, had read the Secret and lived by the book for many years. That is until I met Michelle and I was awakened by a NEW meaning to my life. She not only helped me recreate my business, she gave me meaning in this life and I am so grateful for. Michelle became someone in my life, who changed my life around and gave me a new reason to live, breathe and obtain my new goals. She pushed me in new directions and helped me explore more about myself. I now am successful, confident and a very happy wife with my husband all because of Michelle changing my life!

Courtney BentleyFounderStar Systemz

Michelle was such a supportive, helpful and knowledgeable coach for me as I went through a major life transition. I was struggling just to get through each day. She guided me, helped me get my self-confidence back, and now I feel strong again. Working with her has allowed me to be more productive at work and a better father to my sons.

Carlos Ugarte

Asked: What did you like best about this course?

  • “The information about dairy. I did not know what was in milk, yuck!”
  • “Very clear information and made total sense to me.”
  • “Learning what contains gluten.”
  • “Loved the new ideas for lunch and the teaching on what GMO's are.”
  • “Loved the meal ideas and the motivation tips!”
  • “Healing of the gut, leaky gut. Great explanation and way to heal it.”
  • “I find all of the GSDF classes very valuable! Thank you.”
Participants of a GSDF Class

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