Michelle DeBerge

Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Cookbook Author, Professional Life and Wellness Coach and Chef

Your Gateway to Success

Major Life Transformation

”Michelle was such a supportive, helpful and knowledgeable coach for me as I went through a major life transition. I was struggling just to get through each day. She guided me, helped me get my self-confidence back, and now I feel strong again. Working with her has allowed me to be more productive at work and a better parent to my children.”

Barbara Jackson

Conquering Challenges

"Michelle is a master at providing easy tools to conquer your biggest and also your smallest challenges. She passionately delivers her best advice with an open and honest heart. Today I approach my life with more time for me, a better, more rational giving of myself to our business, my family and more."

Jane Douglas

Walks Her Talk

“I met Michelle when she was a motivational speaker at a women's conference I attended. She was the most down to earth, approachable, transparent person in the room. I  signed up for her 90-Day Program and started making changes in the first week. I now have a voice, got a promotion, changed bad habits for good ones and I could not have done it without her systems, support and challenges. ”

Jane Anne Williams

About Michelle

Michelle E DeBerge is a Best Selling Author, Cookbook Author, Professional Life and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker,  Chef and founder of Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free LifeStyle.

Michelle’s authenticity in identifying with the struggles that so many face has been a key factor in Michelle’s success. She inspires personal growth and motivates people to redesign and renew their lives.She blends spirituality, experience, lifestyle, health, wellness and coaching together to create unique programs for her clients and audience. She has helped guide her clients over the past 20 years to great success through a proven method of training, daily support and more.

Michelle's Websites

Professional Life Coaching

Michelle DeBerge has been coaching for over 25 years and is America's Leading Authority in Life Re-Design. She is best known for her laser problem/solution results process of coaching. She uses a unique blend of coaching, psychology, motivation and spirituality to inspire and support her clients and audiences into their own personal change and empowerment

Recipes & Cooking Classes

Michelle DeBerge has attended many different cooking schools all over the world. GSDF LifeStyle is about living a healthy life that is full of flavor, health and vitality. It is about finding variety, clean eating while managing food restrictions. She creates recipes, systems and techniques that empower the home cook to try new things and clean eating.

Transformational Speaker

My passion is helping people transform their lives. I love speaking because you can create great change in group settings. My goal is to touch the heart (maybe you will cry), inspire you and show you how you can transform your life with concrete systems and suggestions.  I use my personal stories of my struggles and how I was able to go from Adversity to Success!

Michelle E DeBerge

Contact Michelle at:   info@michelledeberge.com

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